This generation is in search of something larger than life-larger than their questions, larger than their imagination, larger than their world.

Living Hope Student Ministries exists to connect students in grades 6-12 to God,
to each other, and to caring adults through worship, discipleship, and fellowship. Each week, students gather for worship and Small Groups on Wednesday evenings at 7 pm. Beyond weekly worship gatherings, there are monthly opportunities to serve in ministry, both in our local church and in our extended community. Throughout the year, students are also invited to attend national weekend discipleship events and big-room worship gatherings, along with other events designed simply for fun and fellowship. All of these events and programs have the sole purpose of bringing our students into a deeper relationship with God-the larger-than-life Creator and Sustainer of the universe.
Don’t be seduced by the simplicity of social media. Clicking isn’t truly connecting.

Despite the tremendous digital network this generation has built through the Internet and social media, there is still no replacement for the encouragement, support, and accountability that can only come through in-person personal relationships.

Each week, Living Hope Student Ministries creates opportunities for students to build and foster relationships with other students who are walking the same journey, living the same reality, battling the same struggles. Representing every high school in Caldwell county, the Early College, the Academy of Applied Sciences, several private schools, and a significant majority of middle schools, the students in our group learn from each other, and count on each other—because discipleship always happens in community.


Have you ever wished for help raising and discipling your teen?

The task of parenting gets harder and harder with each new generation. While the challenges facing this generation are not new, the ever-increasing disintegration of the home and the demise of the family have increased the intensity of those challenges. The temptations and trials common to every teenager are exponentially more powerful when the God-given, God-designed structures in their lives are shaken.

Living Hope Student Ministries partners with parents (and grandparents and guardians and everyone else in charge of discipling a teen) by connecting students to other safe, caring adults who can demonstrate to them the love of Christ and an example of devotion to Him. We provide parents with another positive influence, another affirming hug, another wise voice in the lives of their teenager. On Wednesday evenings, we strategically position students in gender-specific, grade-specific groups under the leadership of two small-group leaders who are passionate about their success—both as a person and as a Christ-follower. When it comes to reaching this generation that’s begging for attention and direction, we often tell parents,
“We’re on the same team.”


Our Living Hope Students' services (grades 6-12) meet on Wednesday nights at 7 pm  in the Fellowship Hall upstairs. Those services feature live music (led by teens and adults), a relevant message from Pastor Stephen, and small-group ministry/prayer time with our small group leaders. Our small group times following the message are great opportunities for students to learn from each other and  from safe, caring adults... and they're usually the most powerful change agents in the lives of our teens.

For more information about Student events and programs, please contact Pastor Stephen Jones.